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Currently looking for new members that must be at least level 30 with the ability to solo a dungeon from Wyrm's Maw and up.
        Welcome to the brand new site for FenrirRage! Here we will have updates about the guild and Grandchase itself! At the moment the guild admins are trying to get more and more members each day, but this is why we need all the members that we have to advertise and tell people about the guild. So for now just explore the site and dont be afraid to post some suggestions in the suggestion thread found in the forums. Once again welcome to the brand new site for FenrirRage!
Grandchase News

Grandchase Season Chaos Released!!

Ragerin, May 3, 11 7:22 PM.

Chaos is here!

When – 5/3 to 5/24, 6PM PDT
What – Grand Chase Chaos is here! Be sure to log in everyday for great rewards!

1. Chaos Signboard (permanent) at first login
2. Chaos Ring (1 day) at first login of each day of the event. 15% EXP gain upon equipping it.
3. Necklace Chest (1) at first login. Could contain a necklace or an item that reinforces necklaces.

There have been some bug reports, most of which i have not run into due to not being able to get on Grandchase at the moment, but if you experience any bugs please write a comment on this post. Thanks!

Season Chaos Update Information

Ragerin, Apr 28, 11 8:36 AM.

Hail Knights!

Grand Chase Chaos will soon be upon us and there are going to be some changes! Please read on to see what you need to keep in mind once Chaos arrives!

* The Expert's Skill Ring will no longer be sold in the Shop. It will continue to drop from Gacha until the next Gacha update.

* A message will no longer display when a player gets a dungeon crest, however Hero Dungeon crest acquisition messages will continue to be shown. 

* Armor sets with special set effects will no longer be sold in the Shop.

* Boss' Chaos Orbs will be replaced with the appropriate continent's Precious Pearl.

* The Beast's Evil Stone will be replaced with a new, Grand Chase Chaos crafting material.

* All missions currently sitting in inventories will be wiped. Only the level up mission will be replaced with level-appropriate Grand Chase Chaos versions of the missions. If there is a reward item you want from your current missions, you should complete them NOW! 

* Character and job change missions will be replaced with Grand Chase Chaos versions of these missions. If you are in the middle of a character or job change mission you will NOT lose your progress once the new versions are distributed.

* Everyone's Skill Points will be reset. However, you can still activate skills that have already been opened.

* Alcubra will become a higher level continent. If you have previously unlocked Alcubra but your characters remain at a lower level than Alcubra's new difficulty level, you will still be able to access it.

* If you want items currently available in the Shop in their present incarnations, you have until May 2nd to purchase them.

* Certain items will be revamped for Grand Chase Chaos. If you currently own items marked for a revamp, you will see [S3] attached to the names once Chaos launches. This will be normal.

* The GP limit will be raised to 10 million and the GP selling ratio will be lowered from 1:3 to 1:10.

* Stats, mission requirements, and monster card stats may change with the new update. This will be intended.

* If you currently have monster cards socketed, they will be removed and placed back into your inventory. From 5/2 until 5/10 the GP cost to resocket your monster cards will be free.

Please keep in mind that the above conditions will go into effect May 2nd with the Chaos update!

Thank you for bearing with us during this exciting transition!


--Grand Chase Team

Also new information has just been but not yet confirmed. There might be a possibility that GrandChase Chaos will be bringing back the pet Havoc! Further information on this will be posted later on in the day!

4/26/11 Update

Ragerin, Apr 27, 11 1:11 AM.
Patch Notes  
  • The 1st Seal Breaker Gacha is back for another chance to get the Abingdon pet with updated armor sets, accessories, a Grimoire, and Mavericks for Mari.
    • Armor sets, accessories, and weapons for Dio and Zero will be added during the May 2nd maintenance.
  • The Countdown to Chaos has begun!
    • Chaos will be here May 2nd!
    • See a special timer in the upper left hand corner of your client to see how much time remains until Season Chaos is here!
    • Get a Free Quest Pass at first login and jump into any dungeon at any level you please regardless of your actual progress!
    • Get 1 free Champion Mode Ticket at first login, but we're offering unlimited Champion Mode dungeon access until 5/2!
    • Drop rates for all quest items will be increased until 5/2!


  • Quest item drop rates have been raised and will remain in effect until 5/2.
  • Champion Mode Tickets will not be consumed for the duration of the Countdown to Chaos.
  • A timer counting down to Season Chaos has been added to the upper left-hand corner.

Grandchase News
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